By Paul Buetow

Running a large cloud-based service requires monitoring the state of huge numbers of machines, a task for which many standard UNIX tools were not really designed. In this post, I will describe a simple program, DTail, that Mimecast has built and released as Open-Source, which enables us to monitor log files of many servers at once without the costly overhead of a full-blown log management system.

At Mimecast, we run over 10 thousand server boxes. Most of them host multiple microservices and each of them produces log files. Even with the use of time series databases and…

By Haim Raman

Photo by: Elias Sch

Mimecast, as a company, has built a unique platform over its 17 years of existence. It has internal frameworks and infrastructures that were ahead of its time when the industry was not yet offering any mature alternatives. As the company grew it became harder and harder to maintain all this technology internally. Fast forward to 2021. We can see a huge shift as we try to replace many of the internal tools with industry-standard ones.

One of the big challenges we are facing now is how to increase the code coverage on some of our older codebases…

By Taranjeet Singh

As we brave through our 7th work-from-home week, I want to share some musings that wouldn’t have existed without a situation like this. ​

These provide strength to me and I hope will have a similar effect on you. I will be brief so as not to stretch your screen time too much. ​

#1 We are stress testing everything in our personal lives ​ ⛏

Whether it is the capacity of Zoom, social media platforms, and the superstores to handle the surge of online traffic or it is the strength of your sofa (aka indoor trampoline…

By Umer Maqsood

Photo by Florian Buetow


Recently we had an opportunity to sit & chat with Simon Tyler, Vice President of Engineering and Product Research here at Mimecast. This was a special opportunity as Simon has just completed his 10 years milestone at Mimecast. We were able to talk a great deal about his journey in the company so far, and some of the exciting new work being carried out in the Engineering Research Team.

Engineering Blog: First of all, congratulations Simon on your 10 years at Mimecast, can you tell us about your journey so far?

Simon: It’s been a really…

By Matteo Manni

This is the first of a series of blog posts around Engineering culture. It is a topic I have become increasingly fascinated with while reflecting upon the problems that inevitably affect the evolution of fast-growing tech companies.

An effective culture is, by far, the greatest strength of successful organisations today.

Stay focused on the murmurs and you will hear that voice too.

Is this going to be yet another ode to that blurry concept that seems to have become a must-have discussion topic for any respectable software company out there these days? …

By Vlad Marian

Mimecast has released a Java implementation library for MTA-STS.

We believe strongly that this new IETF internet standard RFC 8461 will pave the way for a more secure email ecosystem and we would like to help speed things up.

MTA-STS aims to provide enforcement capabilities to the otherwise opportunistic nature of TLS within the mail transfer protocol.

By enforcing encryption for all transactions, we gain much needed security in an ecosystem that has so far treated encryption as an option rather than a MUST.

Without MTA-STS

When an email is exchanged over the internet, the sender (client) will look…

By Foteini Karantoni

The Open Security Summit, held annually, attracts more than 100 participants — not including the remote ones — and it’s one of the most important events for contributing to open source projects and discussing everything security related! Which is why, from our perspective in Mimecast, we were very interested and excited to be joining!

The OSS with the support of OWASP, is a conference that security experts, developers and other professionals interested in software security join to attend or organize sessions of interest and work together to reach useful outcomes. …

By Vlad Marian


As an engineer at Mimecast working on the front line team that’s responsible for our Mail Transfer Agent it is my responsibility to debug, maintain and update the various software and libraries handling our email receipt and delivery capabilities.

The MTA is the way in and out for all emails and when processing billions of emails every week we need to be as accepting as possible in order to ensure our clients get their emails regardless of any differences in protocol implementations and interpretations that exist.

Given the multitude of email client libraries available in a variety…

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